A Project to Assist Ukrainian and Russian Women who are being courted by Western Men

Who is your "Destiny"?*

(* In Russia and Ukraine, that one, perfect mate for you is called your “Destiny.”)

Partnership arrangement announced

In an exciting development for our member ladies, we are proud to announce our new Elite status partnership with the highly regarded Ukraine Brides Agency of New Zealand. This partnership will allow us to bring a wider variety of services to our women members and even to their prospective suitors.

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Find Me, My Destiny now available

We are pleased to announce that Aurelia’s book, Find Me, My Destiny is now available for sale.   Written entirely in Russian, Find Me, My Destiny is packed with interesting and helpful information for Russian and Ukrainian women who seek to find the man of their destiny overseas.  Find Me, My Destiny is available for sale on Createspace as well as our own site. 

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vita32003We dedicate this site to all our friends who seek their destiny in love and marriage! 

Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your attention! 

Our goal at Vitochka is simple: to help good, decent, sincere people who are in the quest to find their potential mate for marriage. 

Because of our specific background and expertise, our clients consist exclusively of women from Ukraine and Russia:

We are NOT a conventional matchmaking or marriage site.  We do not solicit men or list men from any country.  Our clients are exclusively Russian and Ukrainian women. 

The Ukrainian and Russian ladies shown on our site are all real, sincere and honest women who have sought out our assistance as they seek the man of their destiny on the Internet.  Many of them are being actively courted by Western men.  We assist the women as their courtship progresses, by providing counseling, education and advice about the issues related to cross-national marriage.

At any time you can reach us at our e-mail address:

Vitochka (at) Vitochka (dot) com


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Our Newest Couples

M 3003_cr1a

Goran &Marina

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Uliya & Vadim

Robert & Oksana 1a

 Robert & Oksana


Bobby & Tanya


Jay & Lana

Stefan & Katya1

Stefan & Katya

E & Na1

Eugene & Natasha

JN 1a

Jim & Nina

Natasha & Goran02

Natasha & Goran

Married 1
Dan & Katia

Tanya & Joe sm02

Tanya & Joe

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