A Project to Assist Ukrainian and Russian Women who are being courted by Western Men


    Our Commitment to You

    As adults, we all know that the world is imperfect and filled with people who care more for their own needs than they do for the needs of of others; people who exploit, lie, cheat and steal (or worse.)  We each have an obligation to protect ourselves from the predatory individuals and organizations out there.

    At Vitochka.com, we make no pretense of having the ability to read minds and hearts.  We do our best to screen the women applicants who seek our assistance.  We have had both good experiences and bad.  When we encounter someone who does not meet our ethical standards, we immediately confront them and cease relations with them --- even if at some point we considered them a personal friend.  Our one unbending commitment to our clients is that we will not knowingly tolerate scammers, cheats, liars or even insincere individuals on these pages.

    Love and Money - a note to men courting Russian and Ukrainian women

    So you’ve started corresponding with that lovely Ukrainian or Russian lady.  You think she might be the one and your hopes are building.  But what if she asks you for money, or hints that she can’t write any more since she cannot afford the computer time?  Does it mean she’s a scammer?  Or is she desperate and asking for a little help?  What do you do? What do you tell her?

    Actually, these situations have to be looked at in context.  What exactly is being requested?  What we have to say about this comes directly from our own personal experience and is not simple generalization:

    As a point of fact, many women overseas do not have home computer systems and must use expensive “computer clubs” or “internet cafes” (and possibly also translator services) which can take a significant bite out of their income.  An occasional gift of $10 or $20 dollars given to the woman from a spirit of generosity might not be unreasonable.  Such a request or hint from the woman, especially if it comes after both parties are fairly well acquainted, is probably sincere.  But, naturally, common sense applies here.  This is one area we counsel our women about extensively and we actively discourage them from asking their beau for funds, no matter how urgent the woman’s need, at least until after they have met in person and become engaged to be married.

    On the other hand scammers seek and ask for sums in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars and are not likely to waste time with hints for small amounts of cash.  Scammers commonly raise hopes very quickly and then rush into a request for a large sum to be sent them.  They may use any number of justifications:  family illnesses; the expense of getting passports and visas; airfare; English lessons; the list goes on.  Most reasonable individuals will “smell a rat” if they are being solicited in this manner and should proceed with extreme caution afterwards. 

    If you are the beau or suitor of a woman whom we are assisting, and she asks you for a large sum of money, please feel free to contact us. 

    We will IMMEDIATELY INVESTIGATE all such incidents and will report back to the reporting party. 

    Women we are assisting who are discovered to be scamming or “fishing” for easy money will be immediately and permanently banned from our site.

    The Facts of Life...and Beyond

     OK, the two of you have exchanged countless e-mails, swapped photos, enjoyed numerous phone conversations and maybe you’ve even gone to her home town in Russia or Ukraine to meet in person.  You are ready to make a commitment to one another: she to leave her country and start life anew in yours; you to bring her fully into your life and to build a family together.  It is an exciting, exhilarating and heartwarming time in your life, perhaps the best ever.  But does it come free and cheap?  Of course not. 

    Taking up a bride from overseas is not inexpensive.  There are all the costs of communicating with one another, of exchanging e-mails, phone calls and gifts; later come the expenses of travel, accommodations, airfare, passports, visas and legal fees.  So the issue of money will and does come up eventually in this process.  Be prepared to discuss and resolve numerous questions about money as time goes on.

    What we have attempted to convey to you, dear reader, is a note of common sense and perspective.  Life in the former Soviet countries is difficult and often surprisingly expensive, especially in the bigger cities.  It is not cheap to use commercial computer clubs and translation services.  The man who enters into this quest for his dream bride will have to confront numerous issues that will challenge his judgment as well as his finances. 

    But do not be deterred by all this talk of money and expenses!  If you desire it strongly and use your head as well as your heart, we know that many who attempt this, will succeed.  There are untold numbers of honest, sincere and wonderful women waiting patiently for the right man to come along.  Potential brides will be needing many things, not the least of which is some degree of financial support at some point in the process; but the most important things that you can give your bride to be is your understanding and patience.  Those two things are beyond financial value.

    Nothing worthwhile is free in this life but at the same time it is essential to preserve our resources for those things that really and truly matter.   That is why we urge both men and women to think clearly and act appropriately when the issue of money comes up, as eventually it must.  When the issue does come up, we are here to help so please keep us informed.

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