A Project to Assist Ukrainian and Russian Women who are being courted by Western Men


The Vitochka Project is proud to announce its exciting new collaboration arrangement as an Elite Partner organization with the highly regarded and internationally recognized Ukraine Brides Agency of New Zealand.

This is an unprecedented tack for the Vitochka Project.  Since we began the Project in 2004, Aurelia and I have always positioned the Project as an entirely independent resource for women of the former Soviet countries who are seeking potential marriage partners in the West. Our creation, Vitochka.com, is neither a marriage agency nor a dating site, but rather a provider of information, guidance and mentoring for those marvelous women who work so hard to bring love and happiness to themselves and to that one the right man.

However, once we were made aware of the reputation of Ukraine Brides Agency and of the professionalism, unblemished record and highly ethical foundations of its founder and operators, we knew that great positive potential for collaboration existed between our organizations, and for the mutual benefit of all. We believe that, in entering into partnership with Ukraine Brides Agency, the Vitochka Project can enrich and expand the services we provide those wonderful women of our "family club" who have, for more than ten years, counted upon us to assist, support and coach them in their search for the man of their destiny.

While this partnership with Ukraine Brides Agency brings opportunities and some changes to the Vitochka Project, it in no way alters our fundamental focus upon providing the highest quality of service to our women members. Besides giving our women members access to the increased visibility and attention that comes from being listed on a high quality agency like Ukraine Brides Agency, through our partnership with the agency we can also now provide a more systematic and organized variety of services to assist them.

One more benefit of the partnership arrangement is also noteworthy: in Ukraine Brides Agency, for the first time we will now have a highly regarded, full-service and professional agency partner to address the needs those men who are potential suitors to our women members of the Vitochka Project.

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