A Project to Assist Ukrainian and Russian Women who are being courted by Western Men

What We Do

Our goal is to assist sincere and decent people: loving women from distant Ukraine and Russia who are in the process of finding their soul mates from the USA or Europe!

We work exclusively with Ukrainian and Russian women who have been referred to us by current or previous clients.  We look to work with women who have a proven track record of responsible, moral, law-abiding behavior.. vita103

The women that we work with generally have listed themselves at various internet commercial and free dating and marriage sites.  Our listings of them on our site are for information only and are not a solicitation to men to inquire about contacting these women.

We provide education, advice and personal counseling to our women clients on subjects related to the topics of international marriage and intercultural relationships.  We conduct seminars and distribute educational material to better prepare our women clients for the challenges that they will face as they are being courted by American and European men.  Once the relationships are moving towards a meeting in person, we assist the women by providing guidelines for behavior and suggestions to make the meeting go satisfactorily and safely for both parties.

Many of our women clients ask us to communicate with their beau in Europe or the USA, in order to help him better understand the woman and her culture and to answer any questions the man may have about the woman and the land that she comes from.  We do this on the condition that the man understands that contact with us is at his option and totally voluntary.  There is no fee or charge for our contact with the male beaus of our women clients.  WE DO NOT SOLICIT FUNDS OR DONATIONS, NOR ACCEPT ANY, FROM ANY MEN IN ANY COUNTRY.

You may contact us anytime at:

Vitochka (at) Vitochka (dot) com


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